Let’s share some Twusic

Twitter+Music=Twusic. This new online music service connects your Twitter account and automatically feeds in all of your #nowplaying tweets.

You can create your own playlist and radio gathering all of your tweets made with the #nowplaying hashtag. It goes even beyond as Twusic will suggest you new tracks according to your musical taste and give you the opportunity to connect with your friends just as you already do on Twitter.

The website is still in beta version and definitely need some improvements as regards to some functionalities. It’s not that user-friendly yet to follow your friends as you have to visit everyone’s page to click on a follow button. But still, the idea is brilliant. Here are some screenshots of my Twusic Profile.

You can easily sign up with your Twitter account and don’t forget to follow Twusic on Twitter to get some updates!


Is it Spotify day today?

Whereas the Frenchies are celebrating (or not) the historical Batille Day, a much more exciting news has just come over from the US. Spotify is finally launching in the US market!

It’s been quite a while now that Spotify wanted to enter the US market, but never succeeded before because of copyrights. I bet the guys must be more than happy now! As far as the forecast, it’s meant to generate 50 million users in the first year. One sixth of the US population..mmmhhh… not sure really, but still good luck over there!

Fight AIDS in Africa with The Killers and Starbucks

The more views this video will have, the more money Starbucks will collect to fight against AIDS in Africa. Each view on Dec. 1st will automatically contribute 5 cents US dollar to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Watch this video, embed it, post it, share it to your friends so that it gets billions of views by the end of today! Such an easy way to embrace a right cause…

Music is collaborative: in B flat 2.0

Darren Solomon has recently created a collaborative music project called “In B Flat 2.0“. Crowdsourcing the music with all instruments tuned in B Flat, Darren Solomon has created a kind of digital gig!

Originally this project was just made for fun. Darren Solomon says it himself on his website, “I started it as fun music experiment, but it became more popular than I could have imagined”. The idea is funny indeed, but technologicaly very interesting as well. All the content hosted on Youtube is embeded on the dedicated website. With 20 different videos, you can choose 20 different sounds and decide to play them separately or all together, becoming this way the conductor of an symphony played in B Flat.

I invite you to spend some time on this website and enjoy this very relaxing moment of music 2.0. Congrats to Darren Solomon who’s also a member of a indie music band, called Science For Girls.

PS: Here is a remix of OK GO – White Knuckles by Science For Girls. Enjoy!